January 08, 2004

The Weblog Review has reviewed me. I appear to write too many words for their reviewer.

I put in for the review a few weeks ago, and I regularly read their reviews. I mention this because part of their standard review template is a commentary on a blog's layout and color scheme, and my recent tweaks to my look and feel have been driven in part by their comments on other blogs - it was not something I had thought about before.

I fear that I fall into the old-school of web design, focusing on content and preferring to scroll down rather than constantly clicking on new windows. I suspect that I am comfortable with long web pages because I would much rather have an entire document before me to search and copy, and that this comfort leads me to create some mighty long html. That, and I keep writing 1000 word rants to make 200 word points.

In any case, I thank StephStah for struggling through my essays, and I do encourage all dozen or so readers to check out TWR for new reads.

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