Loss of Faith

January 07, 2004

I have lost the Faith Once Delivered to the Saints.

No, not quite that way.

In August, I ran up to Princeton and did some photocopying at the Princeton Theological Seminary - nice folks, good library. One of the documents I photocopied was Lyman Beecher's 1823 sermon "The Faith Once Delivered to the Saints." I also typed the money paragraphs into my word processor.

I can not find my photocopy - I can find other documents from a trip to PTS later that week, I can find my reading notes where I remind myself that I made the photocopy, I found some old teaching evaluations that I had been looking for, but I can NOT find that copied sermon.

And I need it.

Bingo - took a break from ranting, searched again, and found it.

I found the Faith Once Delivered to the Saints hiding underneath my router. Now that sounds like a headline from Landover Baptist if I ever heard one. It was sneakily just under some photocopied manuscript letters from Charles Hodge, which I have now filed properly.

The only good point to this whole debacle is that my office is now a lot tidier than it was this morning.

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