Pie notes

January 11, 2004

Hmm, Fortune Elkins lives in New York. Why am I not surprised that her pizza dough recipe makes a very good New York style crust - thin, crunchy and chewy all at the same time. It was a bit potchy to start dough mid morning and assemble pizza for dinner, but it was a good dough.

I need to work on my execution - it has been years since I made pizza and I was all out of practice. I still had the tiles for the oven handy, so that worked, and luckily we are in a house not an apartment so we were the only people bothered when we set off EVERY smoke alarm in the place, but the stretching and assembly needed work.

My dough was too wet and sticky, it stuck together when rising (use two trays next time, not one), and I had to flour it to work with it which meant that there was raw flour on the bottom of the pie where there should have only been a little cornmeal. It was still yummy.

For red sauce, I made a quick marinara with a Thai dragon, none of its seeds, two cloves garlic, one can crushed tomatoes, olive oil, fresh basil, and dried oregano. Oh, and a little salt. J sez it needed black pepper, so drop that in next time. That worked, as did the thin layer of cheese and the fresh mushrooms.

J wants home-made pie again next tomato season, I might make it again a little sooner. I need to make it more often if only to get pies that are more round than square. If only I had not blown my saturated fat budget.

We sometimes order a pie from the local pizza places. So far, every pizza place in South Jersey, and certainly every place in our neighborhood, has something wrong with the pie. Most of them use a dreadfully boring red sauce. Many use too much cheese. The two places that have a good sauce have other problems - one uses too much cheddar and nutty cheese, the other uses garlic powder. Why garlic powder on a pie? It ruins it.

If only pie were not potchy - especially when a hungry toddler wants to play with the 550 degree oven.

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