Football Day

January 11, 2004

Michelle needs to learn to be more careful with her Voodoo. Sorry Michelle - your Packers looked better than my Iggles for most of the game, that has to hurt.

J and I watched the game - she watched more than I did as I was assembling pizza during the first quarter - and we got caught up in it. A close game can be exciting, nervous-making, and tense. She would rather have been watching the figure skating that was counter-programmed against the football playoffs, but just as figure skating trumps most football, Iggles games trump figure skating. (She taped it to watch later.)

Dring the game J was downplaying the birds, who looked terrible for much of the game, spectacular for parts of the game. She makes a nice contrast with Bill Lyon of the Philly Inquirer whose Iggles coverage has come to annoy me. Lyon beats the drum loudly if the team is looking well, hyping up excitement and claiming that it is the fans who are driving the buzz. Some fans might think that way, but most of his columns are steam-heated puffery. They are a waste of space in the paper and an insult to the intelligence of his readers. Well, except that I do tend to at least start them. His worst examples are not in the last few days - these links will fall behind the cashwall soon.

Lyon contrasts oddly to Tony Kornheiser of the Washington Post. Kornheiser has also been known to beat the drums of enthusiasm for his team. But, and this makes a big difference to a post-modern structuralist like myself, Kornheiser is visibly aware that he is engaging in hype. Kornheiser has a running joke about "the bandwagon:" team looks good, time to gas up the bandwagon, see if the tires need air, get it in fine running shape; team looks bad, time to put the bandwagon back in the garage. It is boosterism, but it is boosterism with a wink.

Quite frankly, after reading the pre-game hype in the Inkwire I often find myself disgusted with the team and ready to root for the other guys. I can see why Michelle let it rankle her.

How 'bout that Dawkins!

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