College Athletics

January 29, 2004

John Chaney just won his 700th basketball game, at Temple. I am glad to see a good man achieve an important milestone.

I fall into the old-school liberal arts category, for I feel that athletics are simply one form of a person's total education. More, due to the oddities of the coach-athlete relationship, a coach is a teacher who will have a profound impact on a few students while a normal professer will have a thin impact on many students and a profound impact on a couple of students each year; coaches are in a close and intensive relationship with their athletes, and that power carries obligations.

I admire Chaney because he is coach as instructor. His basketball progam wins games, not as many recently but still enough, but more importantly he turns out mature, responsible adults. Chaney is a mentor, and while he screams and yells at his students he cares about them: "What's so important to me, to be able to climb, and reach down and lift up others." That caring shows. I also respect the fact that he teaches basketball starting with the footwork and moving up; I have long believed that if your feet are set correctly, everything else follows - in life as in athletics.

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