Blogroll Etiquitte

January 29, 2004

When linking a blog, do you link them by blog name or by author name? For some, such as Wonkette, it is easy for the name and the psuedonym are one and the same.

I normally alphabetize by last name if given, by blog name if no last name listed or if it is a group blog. But not always.

In any case, welcome Venemous Kate to the blogroll. I held off linking her because she links to and celebrates snark, and I generally do not care for snark or negativity. But, she writes well and has some good things to say over and above the background level of nastiness. So, up she goes - the left roll is for folks I read regularly after all.

EDIT also welcom Jim Putnam, a retired gentleman with a low-key and thoughtful blog. I flipped a coin and filed him with pundits and not people and prose because he writes just a little bit more punditry than he does book reviews and poetry. Blogroll categories are always arbitrary at the margins.

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