Introductions are hard

December 12, 2003

The hardest part about writing a paper is the introduction. I have spent the second half of this week revising about six pages at the top of chapter 4. I need to lay out my argument for the chapter, set up the starting position, and get into the narrative all while keeping my reader interested.

I think I finally finished that section. The rest of the chapter is tighter; I just have to go through and make sure that my argument is properly signposted.

Oddly enough, I find that I work best if I tell myself that the alternative to doing the work is going out and running an errand or other task that I also do not want to do.

Today's task is fixing the headlight on the Honda - J. is tired of driving a pediddle. I could fix it myself - I fixed a headlight on my old Chevy years ago. I could run it to the dealer. I could walk down the street to our neighbor who runs a garage in his garage, (that either makes no sense, or is completely obvious). That latter choice is probably the best choice, but it means introducing myself to him. And introductions are hard.

Meanwhile, back to Temperance.

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