December 12, 2003

After reading some of the nominees for best looking blog over at wizbang, I decided to mess with my colors a little bit.

I happen to like navy text on a cream background - but to get that I had to mess with the "browser-safe" colors - so this will look crappy at 256 colors. I can't do much with images until I get my own web host or upgrade to blogger pro. So, I mess with the colors a little bit, but only a little bit; the default blogger red bar is about right for Red Ted Keeps a Diary.

I actually still use a computer with only that much color, but I no longer web browse with it. It is an old laptop with a 486 DX/4 75 cpu, 12 meg of ram, and a good keyboard. It runs windows 3.1, it runs Wordperfect 6.1, and it goes into the archives with me.

PS, read Shiela O'Malley for Dec 11..

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