Go Fish Go!

December 05, 2003

Kevin at Wizbang is holding the 2003 Weblog awards.

Someone, perhaps Kevin, nominated me in the Flippery Fish category, where I am competing against Sweetness Follows, some weather blogs, and some political linkblogs.

Now that I have found it, I have one vote. Yay me!

Honestly, I got my warm fuzzy just by being nominated.

If I had not voted for myself, I think I would have voted for Sweetness Follows NWS. I find that I much prefer blogs with original content over blogs that simply repeat links and news articles. That is not to say that I don't read political blogs and linkblogs, for I do, but I come back to the blogs that add value to the link.

In any case, Kevin has some slightly goofy categories - I agree with the folks at misbehaving who are disconcerted at having a category for best female blogger - but any aggregation like this is a chance to find and read some new blogs, some of which will be good. I added Kevin Walzer and Sweetness Follows to my private blogroll.

So go vote for someone.

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