Cat made my ears burn

December 05, 2003

Cat, from the Other Side of Darkness, made my ears burn the other day.

She talked about inherently interesting and inherently boring web logs, and at the time she wrote that rant I was one of the few logs on her link list. It was one heck of a vote of confidence, and it gave me my warm fuzzy for the day.

She has no comments, email, or trackback, so I shall use this space to say:

Thank you Cat.

The difference between a blog and a private journal is simple - one is shared, the other private. The open-ness of a blog means that while we pick and choose what we want to share with our readers, the things that we do write in our blogs we try to write well. Having an audience creates a level of expectations.

Expectations are even higher when the audience includes people whose writing I respect.

But, I write this blog as a forum for my think pieces, as a way to get ideas out of my head so that I can do my real work, and as a tool to improve my writing. If I am to improve my writing, then I darn well better have high expectations.

In any case, Cat made my ears burn, and I thank her.

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