December 22, 2003

Updated my public blogroll. Posting so that the template re-posts.

I feel like I have a lot of non-work-safe blogs on my blogroll.

What I think it is, is that I have a very eclectic blogroll.

Many sex bloggers have extensive blogrolls for politics, people, and so on, and also blogrolls with sex links. Most pundit bloggers keep their blog rolls vanilla, skewing heavily to other pundit blogs. Personal blogs have more eclectic links; I guess this is a personal blog.

One of the things I always check when I read a new blog is who are they linking to. Odds are that if they have an eclectic blogroll I will find them interesting while if they link only to one particular subgroup of the blogosphere I will find them boring.

It is glad to know that I pass my own test. I am not boring because I am narrow-minded. I am boring because I write too many words for my ideas. grin

Edit. I considered making a separate blog category for the sex blogs. I decided against it. All of the NWS blogs are things that, while I first linked to them out of prurient curiousity, I return to them regularly because they are well written. There are a lot of sex blogs; there are very few honest and eloquent personal blogs.

Oddly enough, I get about a fifth of what little traffic I do get as links from the various sex blogs.

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