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December 22, 2003

Note to self, these are used by Gary Gallagher in his undergrad class on American military history to 1900. Put them on the shopping list - all look good.

Don Higginbotham, George Washington and the American Military Tradition

James Kirby Martin, A Respectable Army
Robert W. Johannsen, To the Halls of the Montezumas
James M. McPherson, For Country, Cause, and Comrade: Why Men Fought in the Civil War
Gabor S. Boritt, ed., Why the Confederacy Lost
Robert M. Utley, The Last Days of the Sioux Nation

Of course, I still have over a full shelf - say 40 running inches - of interesting history books that I have not yet made the time to read. My eyes are bigger than my brain sometimes.

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