Tired and sleepless

November 18, 2003

Last night I was tired and sleepless. Even after I went to bed, around 12:30, I lay there. I had some palpitation last night and again this morning, 60/minute, weak pulse, could feel it in my sternum. Why?

I think I am feeling stressed and that I am not handling the stress well.

In the short term, I need to have some coffee, have a morning nap, revise my lecture, and get through the day.

In the slightly longer term, I need to cut back on the coffee and get myself to bed earlier.

And, for the morning non-sequitor, I worry that many of my longer blog posts below are too long. Not in absolute length, but in having too many words for the ideas. Blog entries, for me, are a rough draft of an idea. Like a think piece, they are often what I write to figure out what I really believe. My rough drafts are always long and rambling.

Speaking of rough drafts, make a note to bug the kids - their Uncle Tom's Cabin papers are due a week from today.

And so to have a day.

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