Grey and cloudy

November 18, 2003

I feel grey and cloudy today.

Class went fairly well. It was not great - rambling, poorly focused. I need to work up something better to do with this slot next semester. We talked about Bowery B'hoys, minstrel shows, working class culture, immigration, anti-catholicism, Bible riots, telegraphs, railroads, the commodification of agricultural products, and why people cared about slavery in the Western territories.

I am tired still, and mazy, and, well, grey and cloudy.

Factoid of the day, from The Mediterranean Passion atmospheric pollution was so bad in late Victorian England that many houses had soot screens outside the windows - thin screens that caught the larger particles of atmospheric pollution before they could land on the glass. The skies were often yellow during the day, black at night, and the gas lights which burned constantly were never enough to light the way. Pemble does not mention the poor design of the British gas lights - they did not have a proper vent for the smoke from the burning gas, and so the light sooted up its own globe within a few hours after being lit. American gas lights had chimneys, and were brighter.

Thursday I get to kill the Whig party. That class will be much more focused.

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