Sleepiness, Writing, and Politeness

November 13, 2003

I am once again sleepy. I did not get to sleep until after midnight last night. Despite sleeping in I ran about six and a half hours of sleep. I have trouble writing well when sleepy, I have trouble reading well when sleepy, and I get testy when I am sleepy. Last night I think I broke a rule about not blogging while both tired and angry. For that I apologize. I will leave the offending post up, if only as a reminder to myself to be kinder.

Chapter Three revisions seemed to go fairly well last night. After the baby finishes falling asleep tonight, I will stand up, do the dishes, and then either write some more, grade my ever-growing backlog of papers, or sit on the couch and bleeble.(1) I will probably end up staring at Paschal Strong and the 1823 Yellow Fever epidemic, especially if I can clear my mind while doing boring housework.

It must be the wind - wonderful gusting blowing wind that makes the house shake - for today was a day with not a lot of students in the class room and quite a lot of bad drivers on the roads. Normally when I see a lot of bad drivers around me, I am sleepy and am somehow provoking them by giving unclear defensive driving signals. Today there were bad, aggressive drivers all over the place. They were cutting and weaving far in advance, passing on the right while going 70 in a 45 zone, running red lights, gridlocking intersections, and in the case of one lad in a black pickup truck, flailing arms out the window in frustration at a person who dared to drive the speed limit in the right hand lane while coming up on an exit. Mr black pickup truck then swerved into the far right lane and was last seen heading to the left when the road split - I suspect that if there had been an open shoulder he would have passed on it.

I checked the Jersey driving guides when we first moved here, and I could not find the bit that says that when given a choice and a fairly open road you should always pass on the right. It must be there; almost everyone does it.

Perhaps they are sleepy also?

(1)Bleeble: Push your lips out, blow gently, flap a finger in front of the lips and make a blithering, bleebling, burbling sound.

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