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October 24, 2003

Updated Blogroll

I updated my blogroll. So far I have found a couple of automated programs to take care of blogrolls for me, especially blogmatrix and blogrolling. I do not care for either of them. Blogmatrix is clunky - I use it to read blogs but do not want to imbed it. Blogrolling is pretty spiffy, and if I ever shell out the $20 for the full version I will use it. But, I like to sort my links and their free version jumbles it all together.

I made a new link category, Academical Villagers, for blogs that have a more academic background and focus. Several of the Law, Politics and Punditry blogs are also written by professors - I decided which went where based on whether they tended to write about the concerns of their discipline and teaching, or about contemporary politics and culture. We all write about our jobs, about the larger world, and about our private lives - I am simply sorting by what, based on what I read, they spend more of their time on.

I also messed with style sheets to try to make the blogsnob link look more like the rest of the page. I have not used them before. I might see if I can get the site to show in Garamond, my preferred font, for those folks who have the font installed.

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