Happy Birthday to J

October 25, 2003

Happy Birthday to J

Happy Birthday to J
Happy Birthdya to J
Happy Birthday on Yesterday
Happy Birthday to J

Yesterday was J's birthday. To celebrate we went out to dinner at a French restaurant near us. It was fun, despite the noise, and we held hands throughout dinner. I want to make a couple of notes about the food, because it gave me ideas for my cooking.

J had roast venison and duck sausages in a port wine sauce. The venison was good, the sauce was good, the sausages were spectacular. I have no idea what was in them or how they got that intense combination of flavors, but they rocked. I had a tuna steak au poivre. I have previously used tuna for recipes that call for rare beefsteak and gotten some good results. I had not thought to try tuna with a poivre sauce, but the two went together well, and even better when you added a bit of the watercress garnish to the bite. I like food where the bits together taste better than bites of all the separate bits. This restaurant had the knack of combining flavors so that the end result was ver' ver' nice.

For dessert I had an apple tart - I make a better pie crust, they had a nice filling and some very nice burnt sugar ice cream. Here having a full bite of ice cream and a full bite of tart let the burnt sugar taste dominate the mouth. But, a bite of apple tart with just a little of the ice cream, or a bite of ice cream followed by a bite of tarte flavored with the recent memory of the ice cream, that was spectacular. J had their chocolate sampler - a little pecan chocolate tarte, a chocolate mousse tort, and some very rich ice cream. Hers was too rich for me, especially the ice cream, but I liked the melted French chocolate in the tarte.

I have been teased in the past for "praying while I eat." If I take a bite of something really good I close my eyes so that I can pay attention to the food - much like many people close their eyes when they kiss. I spent a lot of dinner with my eyes closed.

Of course, between this dinner, wednesday's dinner, and a couple of my lunches this week I am well over my fat budget. I need to eat lean for several days and let my body recover. But it was worth it. J had a good birthday.

And back to typing in comments.

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