Second followup Why did

October 19, 2003

Second followup

Why did I care enough about this to spend about 90 minutes of my valuable time writing it up? I am a cultural historian. My next project will be a study of masculinity, personal appearance, and physical charisma in the long nineteenth century. I have long been interested in the middle classes and in the way that people construct their social realms. When I saw the critical comments about Cat they pushed my "this is significant" button and I tried to tie them into these concerns. I should really have been polishing my skills at discussing legitimacy, the sub-topic of my current project, but I am grading and off my usual rhythms.

I write my blog in large part because it lets me try out ideas and write think pieces. This explains why the blog gets repetitive sometimes - I am working on variations of the same thought. Right now my thought is that writing this was more fun than reading blue books, even though I do not like my conclusion. Like most of my big blog entries, it needs a rewrite.

And so to bed.

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