Baby names to avoid.

October 20, 2003

Baby names to avoid.

J and I have been talking about names for the Macadamia (forthcoming). We have a short list, and we are fairly happy with the names on the short list. Going through this exercise has made us very aware of the difference between good, bad, and strange baby names. Eugene Volokh points out some most extremely bad names, including Latrina and Titiporn. Those are bad enough that I no longer feel quite so guilty about trying to get Norbert onto the short list.

I like the name Norbert, despite having a not very impressive neighbor named Norby when I was younger and despite knowing a gnome warrior in Everquest named Norbert, because Norbert is unusual, because it is a family name (as Norbertus, to go with Martinus and Marinus), because I like Norbert Elias's sociology, and because I like a name that means nor, North, and bert, bright or shining: Bright, Shining North or bright light of the North. Norbert is like Aurora Borealis, only clunkier and not in Latin.

It could be worse. My cousin has told his mom that the leading girls name on his short list is Norberta. He is a notorious kidder, so he might well be kidding. We will know in a few months. Norberta makes just about anything look modern and stylis.

Down to 10 papers, but I grade the essays in order of the identifications, so these ten were written by folks who had train wrecks on the first part of the exam. No wonder I am trying not to grade them.

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