Out, OUT damn thought

October 23, 2003

Out, OUT damn thought

I need to write this down to get it out of my head. Inspired by last night's performances, if I am ever in a situation to affect a core curriculum decision I will argue for the addition of "personal performance." Just as many cores have a "writing across the curricculuum" requirement where students must take a writing intensive course, preferably within their own discipline, in order to perfect their written communication skills, I would also require that they take a course on non-written communication.

This is something that would work best as a Chinese menu item, like a diversity requirement. You could take acting, any acting class, or musical performance, or public speaking, or we could put together an interdisciplinary class on personal communication where students would learn how to make, and how not to make, a Powerpoint presentation, how to speak to an audience, how to trim and edit a spoken presentation, how to use body language to convey interest and emotion, and so on. I would have students read poems, read speeches, create presentations, perform skits and otherwise get good at presenting ideas without mumbling or rambling.

Phew, it is gone. Now I can get back to work. I will come back to this idea.

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