Follow up on public

October 23, 2003

Follow up on public speaking

I checked with the morning section to see how many of them had ever done public speaking or personal performance. About a third of them had. Several had taken public speaking in high school, one was taking it this semester, many had been in plays or in small group musical performances.

When writing the syllabus I had thought about assigning Daniel Webster's Second Reply to Hayne and spending a class to have the students read it out loud. I decided it was a bad use of time, and that Webster was a little long-winded. Instead I gave them something else for the 1830s and some Abraham Lincoln speeches to read.

What I will do, when we get to Lincoln, is require them to read at least one of the speeches out loud, preferably Gettysburg or the Second Inaugural. They can talk to their room-mates, their cat, their dog, or the picture on the wall, but they will have to read it out loud and in a projecting voice. I find that when I read the Gettysburg Address out loud it hits me hard; I often choke up. When I read it silently, not even moving my lips, it is just words.

Trust me. Hit the link and read it out loud. The folks in the next cubicle won't mind much.

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