My "Why am I

October 29, 2003

My "Why am I not sleepy?" thought

I am done working for the night, done reading and discarding weeks of old magazines, done puttering around on blogs, it is late, I am tired, and yet I am still not sleepy.

So, I will add one brief thought and then go lie down and see if I will sleep or if I will have palpitations.(1)

Looking over my blog and comparing it to other blogs, I noticed that many of my posts are quite long. The thing I sent to the Carnival of the Vanities was three pages single spaced, a little over 1500 words. It took me about an hour to write and edit, in part because I had been chewing on some of the ideas for a while and I wrote it up quickly. 1500 words is a magazine article.

If I were shorter, would people read more?

If I am going to put time into crafting that many words, should I try to shop some of these pieces around? In-flight magazines pay a dollar a word for interesting popular history and book reviews.

And so to bed.

(1) These palpitations are not dangerous. I take a niacin variant for my cholesterol. Sometimes I can feel my heart beat, especially if I am lying down and tired but not sleepy. That is all a palpitation is, feeling your heart beat. I am out of shape these days, so the bumps are about once a second and not too strong. When I was running a lot my resting heartrate was 40/minute, very strong, and if I got palpitations I could feel my whole body pulse and lift off the sheets every second and a half. That was not so good, but that does not happen any more.

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