I miss things when

October 29, 2003

I miss things when I am tired.

Just below you can find me fisking Greg Easterbrook, Eugene Volokh, and Glen Reynolds for systematically mis-communicationg with each other. On further review, what I may be seeing there is a case where underlying assumptions lead two people to read the same document to two very different effects. If, as Easterbrook seems to, you believe that the whole business about WMD was a lie and a smokescreen, then Easterbrook's blog is an attempt to bluster away the smokescreen. If, as Volokh and Reynolds seem to believe, the WMD business was a good faith depiction of our knowledge of Iraq, then Easterbrook's blog is a call for unconditional withdrawal from Iraq.

If I had thought of this last night, while tiredly waiting for the loaf of bread to finish baking so I could go to sleep, I would have written something very different.

In personal news, I just finished revising chapter three, it looks very good, and I will use it as my writing sample in the job applications that are going out later this afternoon.

I want to blog about the Boykin speeches, extending an argument I started with Brian at Junkyardblog, but that is chapter two stuff and I want to bash through chapter four one more time before I go back to church and state in the Early Republic.

And so to fine tune job letters.

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