Morning teaching thoughts I

October 17, 2003

Morning teaching thoughts

I was looking over the midterms, and I was looking over that LONG thing I wrote yesterday, and I had a couple of thoughts.

The first is that I really do need to make sure that I have time in the classroom to go over the Imperial Crisis in good detail, blow by blow. I already knew that I had to walk community college students through it, and at Urban University I can safely say that while the good students can figure it out from the text I need to walk the weaker students through. So, I need to find about half a class of stuff that I can jetison to make room for the full crisis.

The second thing that I was mulling over was that I was wondering why my writeup for How Do You Work This was so very long. It was four pages, single spaced, in the word processor. The answer is, of course, that I went into more detail about what I covered. But why the more detail? For colonial history my teaching notes boil down to mentioning that I gave them one historian's opinion on one thing and another historian's opinion on another thing, we reviewed some facts, and there you go. For the Early Republic, I have been so immersed in it for so long that I can't simply pick one interpretation and summarize it for the kids - I have my own interpretations. So, I need to explain what we did rather than just blogging a pointer to it. I expect that the blog for Jefferson day will be long as well, although there I do intend to summarize a couple of the standard Jefferson interpretations and to use Joanne Freeman's understanding of the practice of politics in the EAR.

In other news, I feel much better today. I slept 8 hours - got to bed early and even spooning with J could not keep me awake. Then she took all the late night baby duty and let me sleep in until 6:30. Thanks J, I needed that.

And so to work. It is a grading day so expect occasional random updates.

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