Little Man? I call

October 03, 2003

Little Man?

I call the baby "little man" fairly often. He is. He is a perfect little man - we got very lucky and grabbed the happy good-looking baby out of the sack. Sometimes I call him Mr. Man; this seems to be a recent occurence for I have only noticed it over the last week or two.

We have another baby coming, due February. We do not yet know if it will be a boy or a girl. I have been trying to figure out what is the female equivalent of "Little Man"? I do not like the rhythm of "little woman;" I do not like the implications of "little lady;" I do not want to use a cutesy name like "kitten." For now, my best thought is to use "Miz FIRST-NAME". To remind me of that I have been calling the little man Mr. Sam, something J's Dad does. I do not really like the feel of that name, but I do like the feel of Miz Norberta (Norberta is the standin that we are using as a placeholder for the real names on our short list. )

I think that my caution about names for a baby girl is out of place. We do not even know what is on deck yet, and my family runs to boys. And yet, I keep reading about the difficulties that many women and girls face due to pressures and expectations. I do want my children to grow up self-directed and self-confident, able to ignore or at least adjust external pressures and external exectations. The girls are getting both trucks and dolls, just as the boy is getting both trucks and stuffed animals, and all the kids will get the full range of balls and sporting equipment. I do believe that the words we use shape (not determine, but shape) the thoughts we hold and the assumptions we make; words are how we articulate our ideas and our mazeway, our understanding of the world, is in turn made up of those ideas. I want to think that an awareness of words, on top of all the other parenting things, will help create caring, self-confident kids.

Names do matter. I will continue to think about use-names for the children. Miz Norberta is not all that bad, even if I do not care for Mr. Sam.

And so to go grade papers.

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