I feel busy J

October 03, 2003

I feel busy

J feels busier - she needs more sleep what with the baby on board - but I also feel overburdened. J feels a little cranky with me. I spent my after dinner time last night babysitting and watching a video (The Rookie on DVD), then I read Sports Illustrated before coming to bed. So I looked like a lazy bum, and when I took baby duty between 4:00 and 5:00 J slept through it. I was hard to wake this morning, J had to wait for me, and she got out of the house late. It appears to be my fault.

Things to do today or this weekend:
Grade papers
Edit chapter 3
Grade homework
Prep for Tuesday
Mail a book, pick up mail
Get a haircut
Pick up the little man from day care.
Grocery shopping
Cook meals
Move the Azalea from the front to the back of the house
Dig up the hot peppers and put them into pots for the winter
Arrange with the kids down the street to pressure-wash and refinish the back deck
Walk the hound
Supervise the cleaner when he comes by
High Holy Days

There is more, on the list downstairs, but it is a LOT. I did feel the need to write up yesterday's class before I got started.

One more thought then to work.

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