Today was the first

September 02, 2003

Today was the first day of school at my Urban University.

I also had a wicked cold - slept poorly, my legs and back hurt, I am on all sorts of cold medicines.

It went fairly well, particularly in the morning section. I am teaching two classes back-to-back, with 10 minutes passing time. One ends at 1:00, the other starts at 1:10. I had no lunch.

The morning class went pretty well, the afternoon class dragged. I think I need to narf a breakfast bar between sections.

I did some interesting things this semester, including a new first-day-of-class exercise. I asked the students to write down a family story. Then we spent a few minutes telling our family stories. Finally, we talked about the relationship between these stories and History, and about the other stories that we tell about groups, places, peoples, and nations. It was a little touchy-feely, but good.

The morning class went on to talk about Why American History. The afternoon class ran out of time and ended - I had spent too much time going over the syllabus.

After reading over my syllabus one last time I am pretty happy with the readings. I am still scant documents written by African-Americans and I have nothing by or about Indians. But, we do have a monograph on slavery in 17th century Virginia and we do have Uncle Tom's Cabin. I am long on nineteenth-century women, particularly the Beechers. The copy shop was interested in my reader - so either they were being polite or I did something right.

And so to write

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