The second day of

September 05, 2003

The second day of classes was yesterday.

We did first contact, and it again went pretty well. This was my first test of the new approach and so far I like the results. The students read textbook chapters on pre-contact Indians and on early exploration. They then wrote about 200 words (some went way over that) on "Was the Columbian Exchange a Good thing or a Bad thing?" As I had hoped, students were primed to talk and wanted to talk. And, as I hoped, many of the students figured out that it was a loaded question - the CE was terrible for Native Americans especially in the short run. It was a good thing for the world as a whole in the long run.

From that broad overview we then went into the details of the cultures of the 4 continents, talked about Spain and the Aztecs, and then talked about divisions in Native American and in European Societies. I did cover the Iroquois Confederacy in both classes, I did not get through the Reformation in the second class. So, Tuesday I will need to open Jamestown with a review of the Reformation, make that pro-forma in the morning class and more extensive in the afternoon class, and then plan a bonus section for the morning class that will bring the two back into sync.

I think that the afternoon class ran behind for a couple of reasons - I was tired and moving more slowly, the students were more talkative and less to the point, and I was forcing the class to follow the steps that the morning section had taken. I need to let the second class flow more freely - as long as I still hit my high points. Oh, I also got the ending time off by 5 minutes - otherwise I would have trimmed earlier and gotten the Reformation in.

The homework is ok. I started sorting through it and have graded a dozen or so. I spent office hours making sense of my index cards. Later this weekend I will get to make my grading spreadsheet. I also have to find the packing box with my manilla folders - too many loose papers in the backpack.

And now, having painted a closet and blogged once, I get to go write.

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