The Mormons have a

September 22, 2003

The Mormons have a point

Meryl Yourish complains about disaster management after Isabel and while she agrees that it is not FEMA's fault she and her email correspondents bring up an important point.

Many people did not make sure that they have enough bottled water. Now, it might be that J comes from New England and has experienced sequential blizzards and flakey power, but we always keep some quantity of food, water, batteries, flashlights and so on in the house. We don't keep enough - only a few gallons of water per person - but we keep a base quantity.

The various Mormon churches require their members to keep a year's worth of food for the family in the house at all times. Mormon families in our neighborhood when I was growing up simply had vast quantities of dried rice and beans in their basement as this was a cheap non-spoiling way to keep their reserves.

I can not fathom anyone who lives in snow country, earthquake country, or hurricane country who does not, as a matter of course, keep some basic level of food and water in the house. This stuff is not all that expensive, you can rotate through it to keep it fresh (the baby and the sourdough starter both drink bottled water even though we tested our house water and it is fine.) What am I missing?

And so to do something productive - just finished editing a chapter and am at loose ends.

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