I hate the bookstore.

September 22, 2003

I hate the bookstore.

Really, I do.

I am using Breen & Innes Myne Owne Ground. The book was ordered months ago. The bookstore got a partial order - if I find out that they intentionally shorted me I WILL go ballistic on them. The bookstore insisted that they were doing a special order two weeks ago and that the books would be available by the middle of last week.

I just got a call from a student - what few books came in have already sold out. She is screwed. I will lend her my copy on Tuesday and give her an extension until Thursday.

Now, in fairness to the bookstore I should have
1, put a copy of the book on reserve at the library
2, followed up more aggressively
3, made it crystal clear, in capital letters if need be, that this book would be used early in the semester, that we really would need 90 copies, and that any missing copies would be replaced by forcing the book store manager to fly the Concorde to London and fetch them himself.

I will calm down, then sick the department chairman on them.

And back to class prep.

EDIT - they finally answered the phone. It appears that the culprit is Oxford University Press, which ran out of stock and has been lax about letting folks know when things are due. I guess I get to boycott Oxford Press for teaching requirements.

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