Sleepy day, it has

August 27, 2003

Sleepy day, it has been a busy few days.

Saturday was baby's first birthday party. We had grandparents, brothers, us, and the baby - 9 adults and the birthday boy. It was fun, it was also our chance to show off the new house, and it was the deadline we needed to get the boxes out of the living room. The little man thinks that vanilla cupcakes are good things (tm).

Sunday was baby's actual birthday. It was a quiet day - Grandpa for brunch followed by a day of working on and around the house. I had forgotten the size of the gulph that separates parents from everyone else when I got confused about brunch timing. Brunch was scheduled for 2 hours after a late breakfast. For us, that meant we slept in until 7:00, ate soon afterwards, and then worked on the house. The grandparents arrived a few minutes before noon, having slept until 10:00 and then having a lazy morning.

Monday and Tuesday I was in the archives about an hour away. I like doing research - skimming sermons, looking at pamphlets, figuring out connections and patterns. I had played in the online catalogue before coming up and had about a dozen pages of things to look at. Many of these were bound in volumes with other pamphlets, and I turned the pages of the volume to see what happy surprises might be in there. I found some new names, including James Henley Thornwell of the OS Presbyterian church who led the movement declaring that Catholic ("Romish" to use the terms of the actual debate) Baptisms should not be accepted by American Presbyterians. Rather, converting Catholics must be re-sprinkled. I looked at a LOT of pamphlets and sermons.

Thornwell led me back to J.R. Graves, about whom I have been doing more reading, and Graves' attempt to hoist Presbyterians on their own petard because of this debate. This pamphlet, the "Tri-lemma," is online - which is good because otherwise I would be reading it on microfiche and I HATE microfiche.

Today was working at home and catching up on houseie things. I primed the linen closet yesterday, was supposed to paint it today but did not. Instead we put more drywall compound around the kitchen heating register and the brace for the upstairs baby gate, and I changed an outlet under the supervision of Mark my handy neighbor. I also worked on syllabus, read Graves "tri-lemma" and started working through my 85,000 characters of notes from Monday/Tuesday. I even took a little nap, and had the cable guy come figure out why our cable modem has an intermittent total failure (gaps in the HBO trap is his bet, he tightened the thingie that keeps us from getting premium cable channels.)

Tonight I get the baby while J does month-end-frenzy from work. I think the little man and I will go grocery shopping. He likes it, and we are low on food. And, unlike going shopping with his grandpa, he does not move slowly - which means I will not have to push to get through the shopping in a reasonable time. Tomorrow I get to have a morning cholesterol test, spend the mid-day working up my notes, and do more housie things in the late afternoon.

Off to water the grass seed.

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