I think I got

August 22, 2003

I think I got ambitious with my syllabus. I am assigning a lot of reading for a low level class - large textbook, reader, short monograph, and Uncle Tom's Cabin. The last is 509 pages of 19th-century prose. It is an easy book, but it is a long book - especially because many of the kids read only 20-30 pages an hour. That means what, 20 hours of work just to read the novel once.

That said, I am pretty happy with my schedule of readings. They have letters, they have a novel, they have essays, they have women. What is missing are primary documents written by African Americans, and primary documents involving indians. Perhaps I should have used Frederick Douglas's autobiography instead of Stowe's novel. Too late for this semester - the books are ordered.

I spent some time this morning and yesterday afternoon working on turning my notes on the semester into a proper syllabus. I am excited about the changes I am making - it will be a good challenging class. I just fear that I will overwhelm the kids.

And off to run errands, get ready for the baby's 1 year birthday tomorrow, and otherwise do busy work.

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