Long time, no blog.

July 17, 2003

Long time, no blog.

We started painting the upstairs. My office is finished.
I moved my computer and books to the new office.
I am working on cutting chapter 3, I take study breaks and work on the house or do yardwork.

HVAC is frustrating. We have had a fair number of contractors through. I am looking forward to reading the latest proposal. At the moment no one is agreeing on how much equipment to put in. We have two solid proposals for how to route the return ducts. One through a plaster wall, the other through 2 closets and the eave-space at the side of the house.

I had insomnia again last night, probably related to too much coffee.

The university where I adjunct just offered me two classes for the fall. I will probably take these and tell the CC that I got a better offer. I could teach 5 classes, 2 1/2 preps, but it would kill any writing. Better to finish.

Also, the university where I adjunct is hiring a junior position, specialty open. They will get a lot of applications, but I am going in as well.

I might write a better blog entry at work later today.

And that is all.

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