Slept from about 1:00

June 03, 2003

Slept from about 1:00 to about 7:00, with a break around 2:00 when the baby had a coughing fit in his sleep. Went to bed around 12:40 after staying up prepping class and trying to punch my new acetates for their binder. Our 3-ring punch is broken, will either get a new one or give the acetates to J and ask her to use her office's big punch.

Woke up tired, we all slept in. Baby started coughing about 2:00, J gave him cough medicine in his sleep, but he was still grumping and coughing. She could not sleep either - her eye is itching - so she got up and sat in the rocking chair for a while. Baby went vertical, stopped coughing, and fell asleep in her arms. She is afraid she has conjunctivitis, caught from the baby.

Had a slow moving morning, did not get to work till after 9:00. Burned a CD for J, she had been unable to use VPN to get the things she had been working on last night to get uploaded again. Graded papers, prepped folders for class. Still need to print things out, decide how to copy the first half of the packet, and get to campus early enough to drop off the second half of the packet for copying and put materials on reserve at the library. At least the exam is ready.

Working on page 17 again, right now I have too much stuff in there. I will cut it back once I know where I am going.

And back to work (my scalp itches)

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