A pretty good day.

June 03, 2003

A pretty good day.

Spent the mid-day wrestling with class prep and writing. I know I did things, I just forget what they were. I am very tired now.

I had a nap around 2:00, walked the dog, headed out.

Dropped things off at the print shop, went to drop of an exam for the student who is out of town this week, found out I had left the printed-off exams back home, bother. Went to the library, arranged my reserve readings, then off to the computer lab to pull the study sheet off my email and write the exam again. Dropped that off and discovered that I had forgotten to mention to the kids that I would be providing the blue books. One of them panic'd and has been running around like a headless chicken trying to get a book to write her exam in.

Made it to class a few minutes early. As often happens, only 5 folks were there at starting time. They decided that exam first, class time second would be easier on their minds. So, that is what we did. Slowest writer was 80 minutes, fastest writer was 60 minutes, they had the questions in advance and there were not that many of them. I expect it was an easy exam except for the person who had a brain freeze. She talked to me, and we are doing an oral exam on Thursday afternoon.

Then talked about the paper. I spent so much time on everything else, I forgot to clean up the question itself. I HAVE to get better about that. They talked me out of another week to write it, 3 weeks instead of 2. I was late getting the topic to them, and agreed.

Started in on the early republic. Just did the Northwest territory and then talked about Jefferson and Hamilton. I am not doing my 80 minute Jefferson lecture this time, but I am plugging bits and pieces of TJ and Ham and Mad and GW into the classes.

My throat is bothering me, I got very tired while giving the exam, and I am tired now. The left side of my throat is sore, so sore that my upper left teeth hurt. After getting home I had some Wheaties and milk, and that helped. Going to go lie in bed, if I wake up or can't sleep then I will have had a nap and should feel shart enough to grade.

Oh, the baby is painfully cute as I write this. He has turned in his sleep and is now crossways across the crib with one foot up a little on the crib bumber. If we did not think that the flash would wake him, we would take a picture.

And so to bed.

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