Random thoughts from mid

June 26, 2003

Random thoughts from mid morning.

J pointed out that I goofed when I filled the jam jars. I had just assumed that I would have more jam than I did last time, and I filled 6 at once so that the fruit would be evenly distributed. Now I have 6 small jars of jam, in large mason jars. They look like closer to 11 oz than the 16 that the jars hold. So, not tonight but soon, I get to make another water bath, dump the jam into a pot, bring it warm enough to pour, and then re-can the jam into 5 jars and a little leftover on the side.

Today's newspaper had a recipe for a variation on jam made by weight: equal weights berries and sugar, combine, heat till clear (5 minutes) and let sit overnight. Next day, bring a small quantity to the boil and can as soon as it jells. It should make a softer pack than what I have been doing, with more fruit flavor. The sitting, I guess, is so that the natural pectin from the fruit can do its thing without waiting for the jam to boil and boil and boil. I am intrigued, and will make a batch of it.

I pasted the beginning of chapter 4 together and printed it out. This is longer, 22 pages, and I think there is some fluff in it. Started working on class for tonight, will get class in order then edit what I printed out. Sleepy and having trouble concentrating, just made a pot of coffee and am blogging while it drips. It was that or put away dishes and finish scrubbing pots from late-night jamming. I HATE doing dishes, I like to blog. It was an easy choice.

And back to work, for I hear the pot, the pot a calling.

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