Finished prepping class. I

June 26, 2003

Finished prepping class. I am going to do my usual Reconstruction, only in more depth. The document for the day is the 14th amendment.

I forgot to turn up the air conditioning, and the apartment got hot. I do not focus well when I am hot, I have to be a little chilly to work. In contrast, I have to be warm to sleep. So, while warm, I went and surfed blogs for a little while. The internet is vastly distracting, but it is also chock full of resources - documents, library catalogs, etc - that I use while working. I am ok as long as I concentrate.

My current light reading is the first volume of Anais Nin's unexpurgated diaries. They are still abridged, mostly removing repetitive things like her formal greeting to the diary at the start of each entry. While on the can I finished reading the fall of 1914. She is a remarkable writer for an 11-year old, pensive, caring, and most amazingly eloquent. I must remember that even these diaries have been returned to and polished, nothing that she wrote is the first rough draft of her life. In contrast I almost never revise these, other than perhaps fixing the grammar later that same day.

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