Random thought, typed in

June 14, 2003

Random thought, typed in while I wait for a library search to finish. (I am pulling Jerry Falwell's autobiography to get a page number for a footnote.)

I am listening to Beethoven's 9th on the turntable, in the Ormandy-Philadelphia Orchestra-Mormon Tabernacle Choir version. I am used to Ormandy's interpretations of Beethoven, it is what sounds normal to me while Karajan and the Berlin orchestra, or Bernstein, or the other famous recordings all sound off-tempo and imbalanced.

While playing it, I cranked up the second movement, which is my favorite part of the whole piece. The first 5 minutes of that are just, well, sublime. I turned up the volume all the way to 5 (which is LOUD). I closed my eyes, I listened to the strings and the horns tossing the melody back and forth, and the BOOM of the timpanis, and it was so wonderful and strong that I cried a little.

The third movement, which is playing at the moment, is boring. The fourth movement, the choral, is both very good and over-rated. It is good, but the start of the second movement is, IMO, the best music Ludwig ever wrote.

And back to work. I love punctuation. (spent 5 minutes deciding if I wanted a colon, semi-colon, or comma in a sentance)

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