In bed 10:15 to

June 15, 2003

In bed 10:15 to 6:15, slept about 12:30 to 6:10. Could not get to sleep, was a little hot. Lost the pajama leggings and that helped a little. I still woke up before the 6:15 alarm. I forgot to turn that off last night, and it woke the baby. So, now everyone is awake.

I had strange dreams. The dream before waking was an anxiety dream involving going out to lunch. I was having lunch at one fancy restaurant with my mom, and at another fancy restaurant with Joe, Tim, and either Chuck or Bob from my high school gaming group. Somehow I was hopping from one to the other, ordering over-priced but tasty food at both, and having to cover two $50 to $75 lunch tabs. There was another side-thing involving shoes, a table photographer, and Joe's sister Anne. What I remember of it involves anxiety about having the right shoes, leaving the right shoes. There was also a sub section where I was talking about doing part-time work while waiting for my security clearance to come through.

What does it mean? I am nervous about the job search, I am worried that I spend too much time and energy on not-dissertation. That is my bet. I do have some complicated dreams, and this was the first time in a while that I dreamed taste. The little triangles of salmon, flavored and broiled, were a taste I actually remember on waking. I might even be able to make a recipe for them.

And so to have a day. After baby has his first breakfast I will take him and the hound for a walk, then I will get bagels. J has work to do at home today, and I want to finish the editing pass today so I can get the chapter out tomorrow. Next weekend J is going to the shore and leaving me here, I want to be able to use that gift of time to revise chapter two.

I will work on that sticking point I blogged yesterday until baby is ready for his nap.

And so to work.

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