Job application is out.

June 18, 2003

Job application is out.

I applied by email. This might be a mistake, it might also indicate that I have the strong electronic communication skills they desire. I do not have the typewriter set up and I had no desire to print out their PDF form and fill in, by hand, the same information that is on my Vita.

I have noticed a couple of Community Colleges that use a special form for their applications. It makes sense for the adjunct positions - they get a lot of applications, they have a lot of people coming through their pipeline, and it is convenient to have standard forms where you can easily look up people's professional qualifications.

Oh bother! I just realized that I forgot to include the sentance about letters of recommendation available through my document service. That had been one of the forms on the standardized application that I did not fill in. If they are interested in me, they will ask. I have had a couple of colleges call back when they had questions about materials or when the document center (or I) had missed a mailing. Then again, these were real colleges.

What is done is done. Now to look at chapter 4's beginnings.

And back to work.

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