[Begin Whine] I am

June 18, 2003

[Begin Whine]

I am struggling with my prose again today. Part of it is that I am tired; up too late last night and only one little nap this afternoon while thinking on the couch. Part of it is that I have a lot of trouble writing complicated ideas in clear prose. This blog is easy, it is what I write between writing the real stuff. The think piece a few hours ago was helpful - after writing that I went and laid on the couch and finished revising my new introduction to chapter 4.

But my discussion of the historiography, and of controversies, and my attempt to set the stage for the categorization crisis, are all muddy and internally contradictory. And the worst part is, when I reviewed the chapter before sending it off I did NOT see any of these problems. It is not so bad to have problems in your writing if you can notice them and fix them, it just means more drafts. But if I can't see my own inconsistencies that means I should not be going into a writing profession.

Why yes, I am a little depressed about my abilities at the moment.

[/End Whine]
And back to work.

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