Slept 11:00 or so

May 03, 2003

Slept 11:00 or so till 7:00, was cold and the baby had a cough so we all slept poorly. I like the spring and fall except for this, it gets warm during the day so we go to bed in light pajamas, and then it cools off at night and I get cold around 1:00. This general problem is made worse by our stuffy little apartment. We have no air flow here, it really does demand permanant ac. The house should have much better ventilation.

Yesterday was a strange day, no just a different day.

Graded till about 10:00, not very effectively. I am doing the second pass, and while it was pretty easy to comment on the B papers I am getting into the Cs now. Those take longer to read and take more work writing an appropriate praise sandwich on the end. Showered and ran errands.
Made phone calls - set up cars for servicing, a cholesterol test, an eye exam, checked insurance for the eye exam. Then ran errands: checked the house's drainage pattern and distance to the lake (so so, and perfect), timed the commute from the house out to the community college (52 minutes mid-day), spent time at the CC talking about what I need to know before teaching at the military base this summer, talked to the librarian, I need to call the base coordinator and then write my syllabus and then call the AV department to make sure I can show a video on my desired day. The librarian emailed me a set of history videos to my CC email address. Of course, it is web mail and when I changed computers I misplaced my old bookmarks. I need to remember to pull that when I plug the old hard drive into J's computer this weekend.

From there I went shopping, picked up suit, deposited paycheck, hit the farm stand and grocery store, bought dog food. All told it was about 70 miles and almost 5 hours of errands. I got home just in time to find some semi-concerned phone messages from the lawyer and a nervous email from J. Could not get in touch with either, so put groceries away.

Dinner was fajitas - chicken, marinade for 30 minutes in: chipotles and adobo, coffee, garlic, a little olive oil. Sauteed some vidalia onion with cumin and oregeno, sauted a green pepper and a half, cooked the chicken, then combined it all and finished. Served with chopped local greenhouse tomato to decorate with. It was wetter than restaurant fahitas, but very much to my taste. J was afraid it would be too hot, but was ok. My first one was spicy but by the end I had adjusted and was adding hot sauce. I ate, erm, 4 or 5 burritos and about half of the mix.

After dinner we got started on baby-proofing the living room. J finished putting latches on the kitchen undersink, J and I bolted the cd tower to the wall, we talked about what else to do to the living room. Highlights: turn the 3-high record crates into 2-high, make a new stack of 2 by the end table. J pulled some sewing gear out of the book cases, moved some books from my shelves to lr. The stereo components need to be made more solid, best bet is to get some webbing. We can tie the components together on the tower, and then use webbing and something on the back of the walnut table to tie the tower down to the table. That way, if we use the right latch, we can still get behind the components to work with them.

To bed early, was very tired, not to sleep till after 11:00.

Today I spent the morning playing with baby while J folded laundry and got ready for temple. After I post this I get to go grade. I made it into final beta for Eve online, but I will not have time to figure it out, much less download and start to play. Oh well.

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