Grading and teaching and

May 01, 2003

Grading and teaching and houses, oh my!

Tried to get through the second pass on the papers. Sorted them into rough order based on first reading, then went through from A to C. Got through the B's before class.

Halted several times to deal with the darn letter from our lawyer about the contract. J both has better people antenna than I do and gets more flustered by anything legal than I do. She was being all cautious and nervous about queering the deal with an overly strong attorney letter. She wanted me to take over, but by the time that our realtor got into her office at 11:00, found that she did not have a fax of the draft to discuss, I got in touch with the lawyer, with J to confirm, and with the lawyer again, it was time for me to head to teach. J finally finished talking late afternoon. After dinner I talked first to the realtor then to the lawyer; we are taking out two of the pushier paragraphs, leaving the rest.

Last day of classes for US part II. Finished reconstruction as a fairly straight lecture, a little disconnected. I can teach US part 2 without notes, but I think I give a better class with a little more prep. Reviewed the exam, handed out their study sheets with the potential questions. Only one good question, but I like it. Basically, Should Andrew Jackson be on the US currency - explain what he did that makes him worthy and unworthy of the honor. I will have to look over the exam next week and pick my actual questions, this one might not make the cut if I want something else that also covers Jacksonian America.

Gym, doing leg/back partials. good lift. Left my black notebook next to the computer, had to record everything on a spare page at the back of my 1999 notebook.

Dinner, J made Puttanesca while I walked the hound. Had between a quarter and a third of a pound of pasta, most of a can of tuna, and sauce. We have not had this in a while, yum.

After dinner talked about the house. I then checked email and graded another paper or two. Took a few minutes after shut-down to play some E&B, running my new JD and actually going hunting rather than running missions and trade runs.

And so to bed.

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