Did discussion grades before

May 13, 2003

Did discussion grades before dinner. Grading phrenzy is one of the few times I let myself eat a pizza. It was a yummy pizza. We ordered a delivered sicilian pie from Stephanos. It was tasty - thick chewy crust, pizza cheese, fairly good overall taste balance. It was a sweet pizza, which disconcerted me a bit, but it went. They use canned mushrooms. J and I ate half a large sicilian between us; I think I had 5 squares, all from the outside. I like pizza.

Graded after dinner, with a break to bathe the baby. Finished doing discussion grades, typed in the remaining grades for papers, started grading the blue books. If I have time I want to give another pass to the final exams for US 2.

So far only one howler, and you have to be a history geek to get it: Lyman Beecher handed out Beecher's Bibles to people he met on the street. (Hint, Beecher's Bibles were .56 caliber)

Tired, and so to bed.

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