Woke 7:00. J kicked

April 14, 2003

Woke 7:00. J kicked me out of bed, we have a busy morning.
Breakfast: bowl of wheaties with oat&barley - the usual stuff. One parve english muffin, one slice homemade bread, Fleishman's light (Ted slime), finished the Hero blackberry jam. Coffee, brewed my usual 20 oz pot of brewed half-caff.

I got to drop off the baby today.

We looked at Rose lane. We liked it. My summary is written up elsewhere, no need to paste it into the blog. We put in an offer. Yoicks! Now we wait and see, did they like the offer, how many other offers did they get, did the low-hassles nature of our offer get the sellers' attention. We are renting, are qualified for mortgage, can put 10% down, and are flexible on closing date. And in the end, we wait, we wonder if it gets into bidding, and we have already figured out what is our walk-away price for the house.

Now to get work done.
TTD: prep for tonight, prep for Tuesday, grade a little. I am hung up on the mechanics of how to rewrite the next chapter. Do I want to work in a word processor, or do I want to work longhand. Right now I am leaning towards the word processor. But, that requires my computer - WP 9 is NOT compatible with Word 2000, and J. must have word 2000 on her machine for work. I can use Word, but it makes me cranky. I just don't like its metaphor, its formatting, its save pattern, and some of its default keystrokes. Oh, and J's keyboard is not so easy on my hands as is my big Northgate. Prep class, then see.

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