July 15, 2009

Lofting is the process of drawing the boat life-size. But before you can loft, you have to decide if the size is right.

So, I drew the boat in chalk on the driveway. The blue line is the six inch waterline. It roughly marks the point where the boat's flat curved bottom turns sharply to become its steep curved side. The outer line is the outer decking. The yellow is the place where the cockpit coaming runs - everything outside of that is decked. I also drew the centerboard case and mast step in yellow.

I did not draw in any seats, but you can see younger son in the lookout position and a chair in the stern sheets.

As drawn the boat is 16 and a half feet long, five feet wide, two and a half feet above the base line at bow and stern, and 18 inches above the baseline in the middle of the boat.

One of my decisions is whether or not to build it as drawn. Similar boats were stretched to a length of anywhere from 16 to 18 feet by just moving the measuring points closer together or farther apart. A fellow who built from a variation of these plans made his a few inches wider at the design length and says it works great. I am also thinking about curving the bottom a little more, since it is flat with no rocker as currently drawn.

I can probably get away with making one of those changes. But which one?

Photo below the fold

A chalk drawing of a boat.

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