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June 20, 2006

Silent Cal Stayed Home

I feel perky this morning.

I must be back in a manic phase, because I have been working till 11:30, going to bed at 12:30, waking an hour or so before the alarm (peeing and going back go bed - I am not crazy), then running in the mornings.

Add this to a little less coffee, and I am much happier.

Anyhow, this morning the hound decided to be Silent Cal. She did not choose to run.

I got into running togs and started out. She was slow, and draggy, and sniffy.

So, after a slow walk to the first bridge, we went home and I gave the hound her breakfast.

I then ran a mile, the first mile in many many months. It felt good. It also felt like 12:00 pace but was probably 13:30 if I was lucky, but hey, speed kills.

Silent Cal stayed home.

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Red Ted
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