Commentaries on the Constitution

May 06, 2004

I am constantly amazed at the primary documents that various groups and volunteers put onto the web - it saves me a surprising amount of time on library runs. Today's discovery is Joseph Story's 1833 Commentaries on the United States Constitution - a three-volume work that he wrote in his spare time between being Supreme Court Justice and teaching Law School.

It was the standard American reference on Constitutional law for the rest of the 19th century.

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I was amused an hour or so later when I went to check something else and realized that is a certified moonbat site.

Still, the text for Story seems about right. Of course, the quote I want is from Story's 1841 abridgement which is NOT on the web. Ah well, am off to Princeton next week anyhow so will grab the quote while I am there.

Posted by: Red Ted at May 6, 2004 04:19 AM

I had a similar experience last fall. I participated in a show called the Christmas Revels, whose not-quite plot centered around a self-promoting comedic actor from the early 1600's named William Kemp.

It seems that Kemp bet some friends of his that he could Morris dance all the way from London to Norwich (about 60 miles) over the course of nine days. Having done so, he then wrote a book about it.

And here it is, on the web, 400 years later.

Posted by: Olema at May 6, 2004 10:56 AM
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