Body Issues I: Disclaimer

January 22, 2004

Body Issues II: Bodies, Perceptions, and Power

Helen at Everyday Stranger is a woman of remarkable honesty. She is able to look into herself and then write about it in a way that I never can.

Recently she has written two great cathartic posts about body and body images, the first involving body shape and the second involving kids. I can't handle writing on her second, I just don't know what to say, but I did want to write about the first post.

I am a guy, and we have different body issues. Trying to see it from her perspective, from any female perspective, is an exercise in historical consciousness just like trying to see the world from a past perspective. It will always be incomplete, but as a matter of professional pride we must insist that it can be done. So, remember that the post above this is about bacon and eggs from the perspective of the chicken, someone who is involved with the question, and not from the perspective of the pig, who is committed.

EDIT: Added link to first followup.

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