Slept 12:15 to about

July 01, 2003

Slept 12:15 to about 6:00. J went to bed around 10:00, I stayed up to work on an application for the CC job and then to read a little.

I do not like Community College job applications for the state of New Jersey. What I have to do here, just as I had to when applying for my current adjunct position, is fill out a standardized form, longhand, with all the same information that is on my vita. The only difference is that now it is in my mediocre handwriting and it is arranged in such a manner that the human resources people can quickly find something. This is not what I expect for a faculty job application; it presumes that the applicant can not write a vita or resume, and writing your vita is one of the first hurdles for most academic jobs. I suppose I should be hopeful, as this suggests that there are fewer random screening hoops, but it still annoys me to do donkey work.

The application wants me to put down my "interests (leisure, community, etc) and I do not know what to do. I have become something of a hermit in the last couple of years, cutting back on my leisure time activities to have more time to stare at my yellow pads. I think I will mention the things I used to do and that I want to do more of.

So, I am a powerlifting contradancer. That works. I won't put down dog obedience training, because I do not compete in it. I will not put down gaming, or everquest, because I am not doing much of it and because it is not all that interesting.

And off it goes, and off I go. I bought a lawnmower yesterday, today I get to put it together and use it.

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